General knowledge refers to a range of information that includes facts and information from a variety of subjects, such as history, science, literature, and current events. Having a good base of general knowledge can help you better understand and navigate the world around you, as well as facilitate learning and conversation about a wide range of topics. It is often considered a valuable attribute to possess, as it can broaden your perspective and enrich your life.

1.What is the theme of the World Cancer Day 2020, recently observed across the world?

(A) I can and we can
(B) I am and I will
(C) Life after Cancer
(D) Together We can

I am and I will

2.Which country has discovered a new coronavirus strain named ‘D614G’, which is claimed to be more infectious?

(A) Malaysia
(B) United States
(C) United Kingdom
(D) China


3‘Cat Que’, that was seen in news recently, is a virus said to have emerged in which country?

(A) Pakistan
(B) Australia
(C) China
(D) Austria


4.The International Court of Justice is based in which country?

(A) Netherland
(B) Austria
(C) Belgium
(D) Britain


5.Who Invented Internet?

(A) Steve Jobs
(B) Vint Cerf
(C) Jan Kourn
(D) Jaap Harsten

Vint Cerf

6.Spam is realted to –?

(A) Computer
(B) Art
(C) Music
(D) Game


7.Which one of the following is used in storage batteries?

(A) Copper
(B) lead
(C) Tin
(D) Zinc


8.The circuit element where the impressed voltage is always in phase with the resulting current is?

(A) an ideal resistor
(B) an ideal capacitor
(C) an ideal coil
(D) an ideal transformer

an ideal resistor

9The velocity of wind is measured by?

(A) Barometer
(B) Anemometer
(C) hydrometer
(D) wind vane


10. which type of molecular motion does not contribute towards internal energy?

(A) Translational
(B) Rotational
(C) Vibrational
(D) None of these


11.A Liquid Drop tends to assume a spherical shape because of?

(A) surface tension
(B) viscous force
(C) Gravitational Force
(D) Elastic force

surface tension

12.Light Year is measurement of –?

(A) speed of aeroplanes
(B) speed of rockets
(C) stellar distances
(D) speed of light

stellar distances

13. Kilowatt is a unit to measure –?

(A) work
(B) power
(C) electricity
(D) current


14.In science a push or pull of an object is called —?

(A) Pick
(B) Lift
(C) Force
(D) Shut


15.If a body moves with a constant speed in a circle –?

(A) no work is done on it
(B) no force acts on it
(C) no acceleration is produced in it

no work is done on it

16.A deep sea diver may hurt his ear drum during diving because of –?

(A) lack of oxygen
(B) high atmospheric pressure
(C) high water pressure
(D) all of the above

all of the above

17.The temperature of a gas is measured with a?

(A) Platinum resistance thermometer
(B)  Pyrometer
(C)  Gas thermometer


18.who invented the centigrade scale?

(A) Anders celsius
(B) Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
(C) William Thomson
(D) Wright Brothers

Anders celsius

19.with rise of boiling point of water the latent heat of steam?

(A) decreases
(B) Increased
(C) not change
(D) none of these


20.Which county has announced its plan to enrich uranium to 20 per cent?

(A) United States
(B) Iran
(C) Oman
(D) None of these


21. Bile is stored in —

(A) Gall Bladder
(B) Duedenum
(C) Liver
(D) Spleen

Gall Bladder

22. Pace maker is related to —

(A) Kidney
(B) lungs
(C) Brain
(D) Heart


23. The sound lub-dub- lub-dub is produced by —

(A) Liver
(B) Kidney
(C) Heart
(D) lungs


24.Goitre is caused due to deficiency of iodine. it is prevalent in —

(A) Coastal Area
(B) Hilly Area
(C) Desert Area
(D) None of these

Hilly Area

25.Which of the following is not term of Information technology

(A) Modem
(B) upload
(C) Cyber space
(D) Light Storage

Light Storage

26. Most website have a main page, the —- which acts as a doorway to the rest of the website pages.

(A) Search Engine
(B) Homepage
(C) Browser
(D) Url


27.To access a mainframe or supercomputer, user often use a —

(A) node
(B) Terminal
(C) Desktop
(D) Hand Held


28. A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document.

(A) Url
(B) Anchor
(C) Hyperlink
(D) None of these


29.The Internet is a system of —

(A) Software Bundles
(B) Webpages
(C) Interconnected Networks
(D) Website

Interconnected Networks

30. Which of the following function is not performed by servers.

(A) e-mail processing
(B) Word Processing
(C) Storage
(D) Database Sharing

Word Processing